Testimonials and References

After several months of workig with Neville Broad of NWBSpectroscopy I can say that Rigaku Raman Technologies is very pleased with the knowledge, creative assistance and dedicated commitment that he has provided with his consulting services, to enhance our business and reputation.  We plan to use Neville in the future to create even greater synergy with our business. We expect this relationship to grow as our business grows.

Jim Pasmore, Senior Advisor to the President, Rigaku Raman Technologies


Excellent responsiveness. Thorough reports. Good quality reports. We appreciate receiving the corresponding detailed data behind the summary report. Neville Broad has provided an outstanding service to our organization with high quality work, thorough assessments, and proactive support. He has  provided sound recommendation.that has proven important to our NIR project. We’d like to work with Neville in a broader capacity such as in support of our application engineering effort in Europe. 

Nada O'Brien, Product Line Manager, Custom Optics Group, JDSU


Excellent technical input that enable us to produce credible and high quality marketing materials such as application notes and whitepapers.  Many years of good analytical experience, in particular in relation to counterfeit issues within the pharmaceutical industry, has made Authenticate a valuable partner for Analytik. Authenticate have always provided us with prompt, detailed, knowledgable and easy to understand feedback which has been extremely valuable.

Ian Laidlaw, Managing Director, Analytik UK

I endorse wholeheartedly the work you have done in collaboration with the MHRA and on behalf of the British Pharmacopoeia. Your expert knowledge in spectroscopic analysis of medicinal products and your willingness to collaborate with the MHRA has contributed greatly to the Agency laboratory testing strategy for illegal and counterfeit medicines. As the BP expert on the European Pharmacopoeia Expert Working Group on PAT you have applied yourself diligently and as rapporteur to the chapter on NIR spectroscopy have been a significant influence in this group

Ged Lee, Ex-Group Manager, Laboratories and Pharmacopoeia, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

I have worked with Neville for several years. He is very competent and has done an excellent job of supporting Abbott Global Product Protection efforts by recommending product and package test methods, identifying and implementing laboratory test equipment, and managing his team which provided excellent support to our group. I highly recommend Neville for his ability to manage a team, meet key goals, and provide strong customer service.

Scott Williams, Director, Product Protection Technologies, Abbott Laboratories

Nev is a highly-skilled, very experienced and commercially-focused expert on the analysis of suspected counterfeit drugs - especially using spectroscopic methods. His commitment to rapid turnaround, customer service and problem solving are evident in his successful track record and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Mark Davison, CEO, Blue Sphere Health Ltd

Neville is a task orientated individual who is dedicated to doing a great job. He successfully obtained his PhD under my supervision and brought a great deal of new expertise to the group. His vision as to what was necessary gave a new dimension to the work. He is an expert analyst and manager, and has special expertise in anti-counterfeiting.

Tony Moffat, Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical Analysis, The School of Pharmacy, University of London

Neville is an extremely competent expert in the field of process analytics and multivariate data analysis methods. During my time at Pfizer and now in my capacity within my work at CAMO Software, my dealings with Neville have always been technically rewarding and I have no hesitation is recommending him to any company as a professional asset to their business.

Brad Swarbrick, MD CAMO (AS)

Neville was a very good resource manager of a customer facing team within Pfizer's Manufacturing Division. He managed the resources of his team, to provide a very good level of support to his customers, the Pfizer manufacturing plants in Europe. This entailed compiling Site Master Plans of value added applications of PAT, proof of concept studies and eventually full site implementation and validation.

Neville is an experienced SME in PAT's. He has gained a tremendous knowledge of how to implement PAT's through all types of pharma manufacturing. He has a particular capability in the regulatory arena and the use of PAT's for anti-counterfeiting systems.

Steve Hammond, Senior Director PASG, Process Analytical Technology, Pfizer Inc.

I was lucky to be able to work with Neville directly for 5 years. Neville is the type of person that is consistently innovative and able to see problems from new perspectives. Rather than seeing why things won't work or problems, Nev is always able to see a different way to get the results needed.

Neville has done an excellent job of collaborating within the company, with universities, with suppliers and with government agencies. He is strong technically and sincere in his work and that has made him effective in working with these groups. He has built excellent relationships with customers and has been able to deliver customer expectations, within timeline and budget.

Mike Hoffman, Director, Process Science and Engineer, Abbott Laboratories

Neville was a pleasure to have as a direct report on staff. He brings innovation, a drive for achievement and an alternate viewpoint as strengths to an organization. His professional outlook and preparedness are exemplary and serve well in complementing his strengths. Neville demands excellent scientific performance, commitment and accountability of himself and from those around him.

Steve Tyler, Director, Quality, Abbott Laboratories

I have known Neville for over 10 years. I have worked with him at both Abbott and Pfizer on NIR and Raman projects during my time at FOSS and Thermo Fisher Scientific. Neville is extremely experienced in these technologies and their implementation for PAT and anti-counterfeiting applications.

Sheelagh Halsey, NIR & Portable Analyzer Technical Support Specialist, Thermo Fisher Scientific