Reporting Counterfeits

Reporting a counterfeit medicine or device

If you have been offered what you suspect to be counterfeit products, or have seen them for sale or have bought them, MHRA would like you to tell them.

If you have any concerns or information that may assist the MHRA in tracking down those responsible for counterfeit medicines and devices you can e-mail the MHRA Enforcement Group at
or you can ring MHRA’s 24 hour dedicated hotline on 020 3080 6701
or you can write to MHRA at Counterfeits, The Intelligence Unit, MHRA, 151 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London, SW1W 9SZ.

Another role of the MHRA is to provide advice to the public on the safest ways to purchase medicines and medical devices, for example by buying prescription only medicines over the Internet only when you have a prescription and to use a reputable e-pharmacy which is registered with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) and can be checked at;

or by ensuring that devices come from a reliable source, are well-maintained, come with instructions and carry a valid CE mark.